8 thoughts on “Demonstrations”

  1. Louis Smith,
    wish you luck with your marvelous painting. Should be a great encouragement to Carmel too.
    Joseph Said

  2. Wonderful work, especially the demonstrations. I’ve been working to help my painting students understand why the 19th century academics painted this way. Have you heard of, or are you part and parcel of what is being termed the “atelier movement?”

  3. These are so lovely. I also admire that you have such a great web presence, with the site and the speed painting demos. So many accomplished artists have not done this yet and it is a shame! Thank you so much for sharing. Everything you have done with your work is a true inspiration to me. I hope you win the BP contest – yours is my favorite!


  4. I read the Guardian article last night and ever since can’t seem to get your work out of my head. Hold on tight Louis, your career is about to be launched into a new realm of success, very much deserved I might add.
    If you ever want to do some sea-side painting come visit me in Brighton one day. Good luck Louis, I’ll be rooting for you.
    humbly yours,

    1. Thanks Michael but I think it would be a step to far, I am lucky to get into the competition, shortlisted is pushing it.
      Thanks Louis

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