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  1. Great work Louis…I did want to make a little comment about the content of those ‘on the cross’ paintings. It seems a bit sacrilegous to paint ‘somebody’ on the cross, showing the private parts, and even trying to do it upside down…

    You might not share those beliefs, but why use your talent to do something that would provoke many others? I am a Christian, and I like a lot of your artworks, but those paintings of someone on the cross seem sacrilegous, and maybe arrogant on your part.

    Whether you believe in God or not, I don’t think it’s better to be more humble and restrictive, than bold and arrogant, and get yourself humbled.

    God exalts the humble, and humbles the proud.

    Best of luck in your work.

    1. I am rather interested to be enlightened on which particular verse in the Bible is condemning any visual depictions of anyone on the cross besides Jesus? At that time in history many people were crucified in various positions, naked or otherwise – it was a part of life and therefore inspiration for artistic depictions. Are you saying that Jesus is the only one with `rights` to be painted on the cross? Is this the commandment I missed maybe?
      Pardon my sarcasm but you seem to be judging in ignorance, which is exactly what Christians are advised not to do. I would go as far as to say that your message is arrogant in its judgement, not the art or the artist.
      Also, dare I point out, that we are all naked under our clothes and God made us in his image ( it says so in your Bible) – so why is nakedness so offensive to you?
      This is my favorite painting of Louis`s – it is sparse, honest, strong and somehow pure. If you look at it from religious point of view, Dismas is seen from above, as if by God. And considering that Jesus promised him that he will be with him in paradise, I would say he is seen from above with love.
      Oh, and judgement is NEVER humble, if that is what you are aspiring to be.
      God bless.

  2. I saw your BP entry in the paper today and immediately looked it up on your website. It is absolutely stunning and I love the way you have captured the light and the classical theme. Will you be releasing prints at all? Very best of luck with the competition.

    Kind regards,
    David Horvath

    1. Hello David I think the NPG will have prints on sale, maybe I should get myself organised. and get some prints done. Thanks Louis

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