Art Classes

Academy Painting Program 2020/21

Take your skills to the next level this year and learn the traditional techniques of classical realist art. The portrait painting program will teach you tried and tested methods going back to the renaissance. More info….

One year academic studies 2020-2021.
Saturdays 9.30am-4.30pm

Live Online Portrait Painting Course 2020/21

The online course has the same timetable as above. It is split into two half-day classes of 3.5 hours per class. Dividing the class into two days is more manageable for students’ energy levels. Students get to check in twice a week which can help to keep them on the right path with their course work.  More info…

One year academic studies 2020-2021.
Tuesdays and Fridays 9.00am-12.30pm

Both the online and academy courses share the same timetable.

Term 1 Underpainting
The first term will be divided between two types of underpainting, the first half “imprimatura” using one pigment and the second half “Grisaille” using two pigments.

Term 2 Limited Palette
The second term will focused on gaining control over the limited colour palette. We can expand our palette once we’ve learned to use the palette effectively.

Term 3 Full Palette
In the third term of the online portrait painting course we will be exploring the full colour palette which has a much broader range of colour. It lends itself well to the Alla Prima style of painting giving it a fresh, vibrant look.

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