Charles Bargue 6 Week Drawing Course

Charles Bargue Drawing Course Feet Louis Smith Art

Traditionally the art student would copy master drawings and then  plaster casts of sculptures and monuments and then finally from life.

The Charles Bargue master drawings are a series of s prints ranging from simple to more advanced drawing.  Training the eye of the student to understand the effects of light and shadow, the illusion of form.

Among the artists whose work is based on the study of Bargue’s plate work are Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.



First the student must learn how to reduce form into an approximation of straight lines,  after that the student progresses to rendering the form.

Charles Bargue Drawing Course Eyes Louis Smith ArtThe eye is the immediate centre of interest, “window of the soul” Eyes exist in a complex anatomical setting that changes with each turn of the head, difficult to render as a two dimensional form.

These copies will teach the student how to simplify the organisation of the eye and it’s surrounding structures.


Once students have learned how to draw a  construct they then progress to rendering form.  The plates cover the anatomy beginning with the feet, hands, arms, legs and torso.

Charles Bargue Drawing Course hand Louis Smith Art

Each print builds on the other training the eye of the student to understand the effects of light and shadow, the illusion of form.

Below is a demonstration of a  construct, but we won’t working as tight as it can be inhibit the student if they rely to much on devices.


  • Wood panel or something similar
(should be large enough to place two sheets of paper – the reference and the drawing paper – besides each other).
  • Sheet of paper – regular printer paper should be sufficient for this exercise.
  • the printed reference (available here as a digital download package)
  • artists tape • pencils in different grades (2H, HB & 2B are sufficient)
  • kneaded eraser
  • measuring device such as a knitting needle or a thread ruler (only for the initial preparatory steps)

Workshop = £195


6 Week Charles Bargue Drawing Course = £195. To register for the workshop, fill in your details and pay a 20% deposit below. Then pay the balance on the day. An email will be sent to confirm your attendance the week before the start date.


Saturdays, 9.30-13.00.

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