Working the edges

Saturday portrait classes

The first of the six week portrait courses has finished and was a great success. All 10 people on the course produced fantastic pieces of work and all said they had a good time learning disciplines that most artists don’t get a chance to touch on.
Below are some images from the course.

Lighting the Model
Working the edges
Working out tones
Portrait painting

4 thoughts on “Saturday portrait classes”

  1. I did the saturdays course and I am so please….I never paint a face in my life and i wasnt sure I’ll ever could, but Louis is a great teacher and when I finished it felt amazing…I’ve achived a lots and now I am defenitle able to pain anything, applying the technique that louis teach me….I highly recommended to take this course is so worth it!!!! thank you Luois.

  2. Excellent course Louis. I’m definitely very pleased that I enrolled; I learnt a lot and enjoyed myself too. I’ve already recommended the course to others.


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