Louis Smith shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award 2011


I have been shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award 2011 along with 3 other artists. The exposure from the press has been a tremendous boost to my profile. Offers and well wishes have been pouring in and I would like to thank everybody for their support so far.

There is a mixed reaction which is always a good thing, some people find it offensive and others beautiful, what ever people say its just a reflection of their state of mind.

Click here to see how it was made. >>>



7 thoughts on “Louis Smith shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award 2011”

  1. Congratulations on your placing for the BP Portrait Awards 2011. May I say that your painting ‘Holly’ is a great achievment and reminds me very much of the current Florence based painter Claudio Sacchi. I cannot understand any person not appreciating your technique and the subject matter.

    I own a Sacchi and would love at some point in the future to have a ‘Smith’ in my collection

  2. What a beautiful painting. It’s very masterfully painted. I agree with the above comment that it is a master work. Good luck to you and I hope you win! It makes me happy that they have given you consideration for this prize.

  3. Beautiful work. Astonishing that the reviewer seemed to feel guilty about liking a painting that ‘Adolf Hitler might have loved’. Vegetarians don’t feel this stigma about their dietary decisions! Why should a certain taste in art be stigmatized? One can appreciate a classical painting featuring a nude without becoming a threat to the security of Poland, surely!

  4. Gentlemen….at last I see new art modern one as something that is worth to watch…
    that reminds me of the old Renaissance school in the times of Michel Angelo
    or the baroque of Reynolds ,but with a image of the future,where you can see the beauty of nature and the amazing skill of the painter to paint the reality in a dream.THIS IS NO DOUBT A MASTER WORK!!! Juan José de Celis

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